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Over the years, teeth often start to look yellow and have a dull look. This can come from eating the wrong foods and not keeping up with oral hygiene. The 21st century has brought new ways to whiten teeth and we perform these methods in the office. With our trained dental team, you can trust us to help you the right way.

Smile for pictures once again when you're not embarrassed about the color of your teeth. Our teeth whitening system is safe and effective and better than what you can find over the counter.


Get long-lasting results that remove those stains from coffee, tea, and other food and beverages that take their toll on your teeth.

You may experience some side effects while undergoing whitening treatments. These side effects include sensitivity during the time of treatment and soft tissue irritation from a tray that doesn't fit properly. You may also feel irritation from a solution that comes in contact with the soft tissue. Pain may also occur during the teeth whitening process, but many feel the results are well worth it.

Get long-lasting results from the teeth whitening pros!


Remember, dental care is often all about prevention. Read on to learn what prevention dental care can do for you.

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Whitening treatment side effects

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